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Where Can I Put Tile in My Home?

Until fairly recently, tile has been limited to areas of the home such as kitchens and bathrooms. In here, it’s been used as a backsplash, part of the counter, and most predominately, as flooring. The reasons that tile is used in these areas like its durability, design and care appeal make it perfect for many other rooms around the house. Think of a living room, dining room or office. Even a bedroom. With a correctly installed floor, your tiles will not show much visible wear, even in very high traffic areas. Also, the design options of today’s tile provide a nearly limitless array of options to customize the perfect floor for your home, in whatever room you choose. Since we’ve pretty much-qualified tile as a material for flooring in any room, let’s discuss the common things to know about tile in the home.

Cost: Primarily, you’ll find the cost of a tile floor made of up the cost of labor and the cost of the tile itself. Paying for proper flooring installation is crucial to having a floor that lasts and upholds the beauty that tile can provide. The cost of tiles, depending on their quality and features, can vary from under a dollar per square foot up to prices that rival those of natural stones. Typically, tiles will average between $10-$20 per square foot, but this is a range that includes trending wood or marble look tiles as well as basic solid colored tiles. As far as installation goes, you should expect to pay between five and ten dollars per square foot. This will cover higher-end porcelain tiles which have a more complex installation process, and easier to install tiles. Costs will vary mostly on the size of the project. Larger jobs, such as for the entire home, may be cheaper because the same equipment will be required to do a job large or small. Especially small square footage installations may even ding you for not meeting a minimum requirement, so it’s best to spring for the large job if you can.

Tile Options: Between the sizes, finishes, and printing options provided, the combinations to choose from are practically limitless. Although common squared sizes are still popular, longer planks to truly resemble the look of hardwood are gaining traction. To help you narrow down your selection, keep in mind that tiles that are proportionately sized to their intended room are best. Larger tiles for larger areas are perfect, while smaller tiles in smaller areas can help to add interest to the area. You also have the options of printed tiles, such as to create the current popular mosaic trend and use different tiles to create a border. It’s kind of like a custom game of Tetris. So long as the pieces fit, don’t limit yourself to just a solid color, or just one size of a tile. Tile’s purpose, beyond its durability, is to provide eye-catching beauty. Create a floor that isn’t just functional, but a joy to walk on.

Maintaining Your Tile Floors: Tile flooring is one of the easiest to maintain when it is installed correctly. If you’ve chosen a glazed tile design, which is more common for the intricate printing options, the tile is sealed with a layer of glass fired on top. Your design cannot rub away. Even if you’ve gone for an unglazed tile, the finished floor can again be sealed to protect it and give you many years of beautiful flooring. Many tile floors are highly resistant to staining and water, which sets them a notch above traditional hardwood. They are also perfect for keeping allergens more controlled, and they can’t linger in carpet or attach to wood. Regular sweeping and a light mopping job are all you need to take care of your floors.

As one the newest trends for flooring, tile is exceptionally fun to work with to create a perfect floor. The methods used to create a variety of tiles mean that there truly isn’t anywhere inside the home that it can’t be used anymore. Go beyond the standard bathroom or kitchen, and discover what tile can do for the rest of your home’s flooring!


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